The FBI Just Gave Hillary Clinton The Worst News EVER – Breaking!


As Hillary Clinton continues to dominate the Democratic presidential primary, things have been quiet over the FBI about the investigation into her criminal use of a home email server to transmit classified information.

But that’s about to change!

The FBI is officially using at least 147 agents to look into Hillary Clinton’s criminal misconduct, which put America’s national security at risk. In addition, the FBI has reached out to Hillary Clinton’s campaign to schedule a time to meet with Hillary…

A new report says 147 FBI agents are involved in the investigation surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private email server and handling of classified material.

The Washington Post reports that the large number of agents have been deployed to run down leads in the investigation, citing a lawmaker briefed by FBI Director James Comey.

The Post reported that the FBI has accelerated its investigation because officials want to avoid potentially announcing any action close to the November election.
Comey has signaled that he is personally close to the probe into Clinton’s personal email account used during her time as secretary of State.

“What I can assure you is that I am very close personally to that investigation to ensure that we have the resources we need, including people and technology, and that it’s done the way the FBI tries to do all of it’s work: independently, competently and promptly,” Comey told lawmakers in early March.

via The Hill

Interviews with the FBI for all of Hillary’s top advisors are also ready to be scheduled soon. Here is Hillary just a few months ago:

Clearly, she will soon have to say “yes” at the FBI is hot on her trail. Hillary Clinton can’t escape justice, and is not above the law!

It’s certain that Hillary Clinton did something horribly wrong here, and it will be interesting to see what the FBI does – along with President Obama’s Justice Department. While these departments aren’t immune from politics, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton has annoyed too many in the national security world to escape some form of prosecution.

Does this mean Hillary Clinton should be ineligible to run for President? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us!



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