Pelosi Says Carson, Raised in Detroit Public Housing, is “Disturbingly Unqualified” to be HUD Secretary

The same woman who told us all we had to pass Obamacare to see what’s in it, is now attacking Dr. Ben Carson, Donald Trump’s HUD Secretary nominee as “unqualified.”

 Pelosi called Carson, a retired Pediatric Neurosurgery from Johns Hopkins, “disturbingly unqualified” for the job.Ben Carson is a black man who was raised in Detroit’s public housing.

He has been speaking passionately, and from personal experience on improving inner cities for a long time.

Also, it doesn’t take a “brain surgeon” (excuse the pun) to realize that we need sweeping changes in the HUD department, not the same old “do-nothing” agenda we’ve had for the past eight or more years.

This is more of the same divisive and polarizing politics we have sadly become accustomed to from the left.

They are full of criticism, yet offer no solutions.

We the people sent Donald Trump to the White House to Drain The Swamp and change the status quo.

Ben Carson, with a highly-skilled staff, will make an outstanding secretary of housing and urban development.

He has personally experienced the effects of a failed urban neighborhood.

Carson is not a typical political swamp creature, who will use HUD as a “catch all” for waste red tape, as has happened in the past.

Dr. Ben Carson is a compassionate conservative who has long championed the cause of reforming our inner cities.


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