BREAKING: Electors March To Court To Steal Election From Donald Trump

With one convoluted argument after another, liberals have been trying to find a way to stop Donald Trump from making it to the White House. Now, just one week before the electoral vote is official, they’ve made one last attempt to strip him of the presidency.

 On Monday, Occupy Democrats reported on a controversial lawsuit being brought forth by Polly Baca and Robert Nemanich in Colorado. The two electors hope to overturn a Colorado law requiring them to back the winner of the state’s popular vote. Their hope is that a victory will lead to a revised decision in 28 other states set to cast their electoral votes for Trump.The lawsuit argues that the Electoral College does not currently reflect the will of the people since Clinton ultimately won the popular vote. It completely ignores the fact that this is an important system put in place to ensure all people and all states are heard.

“The purpose of the Electoral College, which is made up of electors such as Plaintiffs, is to elect the President and Vice President of the United States,” the suit claims. “There is nothing in the Constitution that permits or requires electors to vote the same as the popular vote in their states. For the first 100 years of our history, the majority of states did not hold popular votes for the election of the president and vice president and, instead, the states themselves appointed the electors who voted for president and vice president.”

Baca and Nemanich are just two of nine electors (mostly Democratic) who are fighting to get this law overturned. The case is set to be heard by U.S. District Court Judge Wiley Daniel, who was appointed by Bill Clinton eleven years ago.

The lawsuit comes just one week before the 538 members of the Electoral College will head to their respective state capitals to cast their important vote for president.


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