89 Year Old WWII Veteran Beaten To Death By Thugs


One thing is becoming increasingly clear about President Barack Obama—he certainly picks and chooses his causes. Unfortunately, the same thing could be said for the mainstream media.

Where are the reports about the white 89-year-old World War II veteran who died recently after being attacked by two black teenagers outside of his lodge in Spokane, Washington.

Delbert Belton, nicknamed “Shorty” served our country. He was injured at the Battle of Okinawa fighting in our honor. He should have died of old age. He should have been honored as a hero.

Instead, he died after suffering from head injuries that resulted from the attack. Authorities received a call about the assault and found the victim sitting in his car.

Reporters quoted witnesses saying that two black male suspects attacked Belton as he was entering the lodge to play pool. Authorities are looking for the two possible suspects, who are believed to be between 16 and 19.

What do you think? Does Belton deserve to be honored? Should this story be making headlines?


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